The New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors were close to a trade during the 13-14 season of Kyle Lowry in the final season of his contract for Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert and a future first round pick.

Lowry wanted the trade while Carmelo Anthony lobbied the Knicks to make the deal.

The Raptors were ready to schedule the trade call, but the Knicks had second thoughts on the deal when Shumpert started playing well. Shumpert had torn an ACL 18 months prior and the Knicks thought he was turning a corner.

The conventional wisdom had been that James Dolan vetoed the trade after previously dealing with Masai Ujiri on the Andrea Bargnani trade. But Knicks insiders insist that narrative has always been incorrect and that they never took the deal to Dolan for approval. The Knicks' background work found Lowry could be difficult to manage.

A report from Frank Isola of The Athletic also posted today coincidentally indicated that sources claim Dolan vetoed the trade in December of 2013. Isola's reporting indicates that Metta World Peace, Shumpert and a 2018 first round pick were on the table for Lowry.