The Brooklyn Nets are holding internal talks about whether they should move forward with signing Kyrie Irving if Kevin Durant doesn't join him as a package deal, according to Brian Lewis of the New York Post.

Other teams have backed off pursuing Irving due to how his situation with the Boston Celtics played out.

The Nets could instead re-sign D'Angelo Russell at a cheaper contract than would be necessary to sign Irving.

Brooklyn has almost $68 million in cap room if it renounces Russell, $46 million after his cap hold.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported similarly.

“If they don’t get a second star, it will be interesting to see if Brooklyn wants to have Kyrie Irving as a solo act," said Wojnarowski. "That didn’t go so great in Boston last year. So we’ll see if Brooklyn is still following through on just Kyrie Irving because if they don’t take Kyrie Irving, they can just bring back D’Angelo Russell at a lower number. Younger player.”