Jeanie Buss spoke to the media for the first time since the departure of Magic Johnson on Monday at the NBA Awards show.

Buss said the Lakers "are in a really good place" and are "on the right path."

"There really wasn't anything to say," Buss said at the NBA Awards show of why she has remained quiet until now. "I think that when Magic decided that he didn't want to be with the organization any longer in an official capacity, that took me off guard. So I needed time to figure out what the process was going to be. That's all. Just taking care of business and looking out after the organization."

Buss was asked about the perception of turmoil surrounding the Lakers' franchise this offseason.

"It was a surprise when Magic turned in his resignation," Buss said. "I didn't see that coming. But everything else has been pretty much as any organization moves forward and changes going into a new season. So as much as has been speculated as to what the Lakers are doing, to me we are in a really good place and we are following our path, and our plan, going into the next season."

Buss reiterated her full confidence in Rob Pelinka.

"I've always had confidence in Rob," Buss said. "Whatever the speculation that's out there, we don't need the outside media to validate the things that we do. I'm very happy, I think we are on the right path, but there's still more work to do."

"There's a lot of changes, Lakers fans be patient," Buss later added. "We're going to get there. We will not finish until we are all proud."