The Houston Rockets plan on pursuing a sign-and-trade agreement with the Philadelphia 76ers for Jimmy Butler.

The Rockets don't have the necessary cap space to sign Butler, so they would need to convince the 76ers of the possibility of Butler leaving on his own to motivate them to a sign-and-trade.

The Rockets would also potentially need to make this a multi-team deal to satisfy the rules of Base Year Compensation that would cover Butler's outgoing salary.

Philadelphia can offer a five-year, $190 million deal to Butler.

Houston would likely need to include Clint Capela and Eric Gordon to make the deal work financially.

The Rockets offered Minnesota four future first-round picks before the Timberwolves agreed to the trade with Philadelphia.

Zach Lowe reported that he's been told that it is very unlikely Butler would consider doing an opt-in-and-trade similar to what Chris Paul did in 2017 to facilitate a trade to the Rockets.