Tobias Harris discussed his high expectations for the Philadelphia 76ers this upcoming season, saying that he believes they're the best team in the East.

"We're for sure at the top in the East...I feel like we got some really good guys and professionals. Our goal is to be at the top...That's where we want to be. That's what I'm going to say and that's what I believe," said Harris.

Harris signed a five-year, $180 million deal with the Sixers this offseason. 

The team also added Al Horford and Josh Richardson.

Harris added that there will be stiff competition at the top of the Eastern Conference.

"I love the NBA. I love how it's balanced. I love how everyone wants to give their shot. I think the East - there's a lot of talk about the West - but I think the East is equally having a lot of great teams and players.