Ted Leonsis praised Tommy Sheppard's global viewpoint of basketball ahead of Sheppard's introductory press conference as the new general manager of the Washington Wizards.

"Our big goal was to get more coachable players that fit a system that the coaches wanted to play, that would get us younger, hungrier players that would be helped by our development coaches. And Tommy is also a big believer -- like us in ownership -- that the world is a big place. He's very fluent in the global view of basketball," said Leonsis.

Sheppard said that the Wizards will offer Bradley Beal the full max contract "at the very first moment allowed."

Leonsis added that the Wizards have the potential for a quick turnaround. 

"If we can bring John [Wall] back and, with Brad, develop our draft picks and assets, start to manage the [salary] cap, why can't this be quick? It doesn't need to be a five years it took when we drafted John and Brad. We can turn this one faster."