Russell Westbrook said he and James Harden are both willing to sacrifice parts of their game in order to win a title during his introductory press conference with the Houston Rockets.

Westbrook emphasized his ability to impact the game without the ball. 

"We both understand that we have one common goal and that's to win a championship. We understand what we have to do. I'm not worried about it, and I know James isn't worried about it. I can play off the ball; I don't have to touch the ball to impact the game. That's the best way for me to come in and impact this team. I can do other things on the floor to make sure we have a better chance to win," said Westbrook.

Westbrook added that he expects to thrive within the floor spacing of Mike D'Antoni's system. 

"Floor spread, it gives me the opportunity to attack, penetrate, kick. Defensively, it'll give me an opportunity to switch and guard and rebound at a high level. Push the break, get us out on the break. A lot of different things. I think the style of play is great, something I'm looking forward to, just getting out in space in the open floor, shooters all around and playing that way," added Westbrook.