Gregg Popovich said that Team USA's 98-94 loss to Australia in an exhibition game was a wake-up call for his side leading up to the FIBA World Cup.

“The loss means that we need to play better. It’s a measure of who you are. Nobody wins forever...We looked discombobulated at times, made some poor decisions. Some of it is expected with a new group that’s trying to learn about each other and learn a system. So, it’s not surprising, but the Aussies gave us a great lesson as far as where we have to be and how we have to play in this kind of competition," said Popovich following the loss.

The loss represented the first time Australia had ever beaten Team USA in 26 previous games.

It was also Team USA's first loss since 2006.

Kemba Walker echoed Popovich's statement that Team USA needs to continue to improve before the main competition.

“They say Team USA doesn’t lose, I get it, they haven’t lost in a very long time, which I understand, but it happens. Teams lose. We are just going to take this loss and build from it, that’s all we can do is continue to try our best to get better. The real thing doesn’t start until China, so we’ve got one more game...That’s all we are worried about, just continuing to get better, continuing to learn each other," added Walker.