Andrew Bogut spoke of the confidence that Australia's 98-94 win over Team USA gave his side ahead of the FIBA World Cup.

"We feel like we can beat anyone in the world ... this [is] the first time I've felt that with the Boomers. In the past, we'd be going to an Olympics or Worlds and not so much making up the numbers but [thinking], 'We'll give it a fair shot and what happens, happens.' We were competitive in the past but it wasn't like we were [thinking], 'We're trying to win a gold medal and beat anyone we come across' and I think this group genuinely has that belief. And I think a lot of that comes from having guys in this squad who are playing with those Team USA guys on a nightly basis [in the NBA] and not just warming the bench, but playing against them," said Bogut.

It was Australia's first win ever against Team USA, as well as Team USA's first loss since 2006.

Patty Mills discussed the potential impact of the win on the future of Australian basketball.

"Having 52,000 people here tonight, with kids everywhere who have supported the NBA for so many years to come and see this and then see the Dellys, Pattys, Joeys of the world, taking it to the United States .... hopefully gives them [inspiration] that anything is achievable. Hopefully we have 50 NBA players in 10-15 years. The support has always been there, but [this result] is huge on many levels ... this is just an exhibition game, but to see so many people come out in full force, it shows the support is there and we can hopefully feed off this for years to come.