Donovan Mitchell spoke of the impact that training with Team USA has had on his game ahead of the FIBA World Cup.

"There's a lot of learning going on here. This last month has helped me in tremendous ways...I feel the need to really get after a guy defensively and showing that. I feel like I need to find ways to disrupt the other team and apply that pressure they might not be used to. I think being able to set that tone is something I'm priding myself on," said Mitchell.

Gregg Popovich focused on honing Mitchell's leadership qualities during training camp.

"He has a propensity for leadership and that's how I spent my time with him. I'm not going to teach him how to shoot better or jump better or dribble better. But he has the intelligence and the willingness to become a leader and I think that'd be great. Not just for our team but for his team," said Popovich.

Kemba Walker echoed Popovich's sentiment.

"You wouldn't think he's the age he is, he's ahead of his years. He a natural-born leader. His skill set is unbelievable," added Walker.