Sean Marks said that the Brooklyn Nets will sign a 16th player while Wilson Chandler serves a 25-game suspension to start the season.

The Nets currently have 15 players under guaranteed contracts heading into training camp, with room to sign one more two-way deal. 

The Nets can sign a 16th player after the fifth game of the season. 

"We've looked at multiple players, we've brought in several players, whether it was throughout the summer for pickup and they've come in on their own accord. It's documented that guys were playing together in L.A. (with Anthony), so for us, I think we'll use our Exhibit 10s, we'll use training camp in which to try and figure it out, whether it's two-way spots and so forth. We'll use that to figure out where we go," said Marks.

Marks added that signing a player before training camp isn't a priority as the team could wait to see who gets waived during preseason.