LeBron James praised Anthony Davis for having a "beautiful young mind" and he expects the Los Angeles Lakers to lean on him heavily this season.

“If we are not playing through Anthony Davis while he is on the floor, there’s no sense to have him on the floor,” James said. “He’s that great. It doesn’t mean every time down, we throw it to him, we throw it to him, we throw it to him. But we have the ability of doing it.”

James was asked whether he believes his dynamic with Davis will impact the free agency decision in 2020 of his new teammate.

“I’m a guy who lives right now. I live in the present,” James said. “If it’s happened in the past, there’s nothing you can do about that. And you have no idea what the future holds. If you start thinking about the future, then you will miss out on a great opportunity right in front of your face. And I think that’s even more selfish. So for me, having AD here right now and having the ballclub, we are not even going to address that during the season. AD will talk about it (eventually). Our goal is to get better every day. Coach (Frank) Vogel and the coaching staff will put us in the best possible chance to win every night.”