Joel Embiid revealed that he lost 20 pounds over the offseason after feeling like he let his Philadelphia 76ers teammates down in the playoffs last year.

"I just remember thinking I let my team down...all I was thinking was what can I do make sure I don't let my teammates down again or my team. Or the whole city basically. That was to take better of my body. To work on the stuff I never really paid attention to," Embiid told Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

Embiid said he envisions himself playing a career-high of over 70 games this upcoming season.

Embiid added that he has an eye towards winning MVP. 

"Last year I played the most games I've ever played, 64. This year I see myself playing over 70's going to help me because I need that team success if I want to win be able to win MVP or Defensive Player of the Year."