The Los Angeles Clippers plan to move forward with their plan to build a new arena in Inglewood despite a legal battle with James Dolan and Madison Square Garden.

MSG owns the Forum and have filed lawsuits against the city of Inglewood and tis mayor over building a new arena adjacent to their venue.

"We're on a path where we think we can build the arena, whatever happens in the litigation," Ballmer said when asked for an update on the arena, which is proposed to be built for 2024, when the team's lease with Staples Center ends. "We're moving along. ... The other side is just trying to slow us down a little bit. But it's another thing where we're grinders. We're long-term players and we're grinders.

"You want to hit us in the nose? OK! We'll keep moving. You can't knock us down! I'm not sure they understand what they've gotten themselves into, from my perspective in the sense that we'll just keep going. They did really participate in blocking that Jets [proposed] stadium in New York. They did. It was supposed to be there some place on the west side of town. We're going to keep patient. We have plenty of time. Keep patient, keep going."


Ballmer acknowledges that the litigation has added to an awkward situation with a fellow NBA owner.

"My partner in the NBA! It's a weird form of partnership," Ballmer said when Dolan's name was mentioned.