The Brooklyn Nets signed Kyrie Irving and parted ways with D'Angelo Russell in the offseason, but Caris LeVert thought he was on his way to an All-Star berth before his right ankle injury.

LeVert believes he can emerge as Brooklyn's second star during this season with Kevin Durant out recovering from his torn Achilles.

“I’ve always felt like I was that guy,” LeVert told The Athletic. “I’m at the point where now I feel I can control how good I can be. I’m going to push myself every single day and see where that ceiling is. I don’t know where it is. I don’t like to put limits on myself.”

Levert is also ready for a bigger stage nationally.

“I love big games. I love playing on TV, playing in big environments. I thrive in those environments,” LeVert said. “I felt like last year we were a good team but people didn’t really see it. Because we weren’t really on TV that much and people didn’t really watch the Nets like that. This year, with obviously KD, Kyrie and DeAndre [Jordan], I feel like naturally, we’ll get more attention as a team. I’m super competitive, so I love being my best when my best is needed.”

Unlike Spencer Dinwiddie, LeVert didn't have a relationship with Irving previously.

“Those two, in particular, are guys that I’ve watched a lot and have watched for years, and tried to mimic their games a little bit,” LeVert said of Durant and Irving. “The way that they approach the game, the way that they go about things on the court, to hear praise from those guys is huge for a guy who is still getting better and developing every day.”