David Fizdale said the New York Knicks point guard situation was still unclear following their 113-109 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

Elfrid Payton got the start, though he turned to RJ Barrett down the stretch.

“It’s difficult. It’s difficult. We’ll watch the film. We got a game [Saturday], so you’ll know soon enough," said Fizdale.

Payton scored 10 points in 24 minutes but did not play in the fourth quarter.

Dennis Smith played just over 4 minutes in the game. 

"We weren’t moving the ball. We weren’t trying to get the ball to the second side of the ball. We had five or six assists in the first half and finished with 17. The ball moved better in the second half. We just have to get out of that mindset that, ‘I’m going to be the one to will it,’ and get to a place where we really start to trust each other," added Fizdale.