The NBA had concerns that the focus many fans have on following transactions rather than the games, but that has changed so far in 19-20 with most of the league's superstars settled in their existing situations.

Anthony Davis is the biggest free agent for 2020 and he's widely expected to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

"I knew this coming into the season and I can't remember the last season where we're just going to talk about all these storylines," said Adrian Wojnarowski on The Woj Pod. "Like you might talk about that Heat team for a week or two and then we're just back to free agency. You might talk about Minnesota's interesting start, but then we're back to free agency.

"We pretend to care about the season for about 10 days and then all anybody really cares about is what's coming. And we don't have that this year. We just don't have it.

"Nobody believes Anthony Davis is not staying with the Lakers."