Kevin Durant admitted the way Draymond Green confronted him early in the 18-19 season during and after a game at the Los Angeles Clippers impacted his free agency decision.

Stephen A. Smith asked him about that situation during an appearance on ESPN's First Take

"I wish that wouldn't have happened," replied Durant. "I feel like that was a situation that could have definitely been avoided. It really came out of nowhere. For us, everybody was just looking for something to tear us down with and I think they used that. It just brought in the firestorm with free agency. Every day was about my free agency. Everyday was about my disposition as a player. What I looked like on the bench. What I looked like during the game. It opened up a lot of nonsense I think could have been avoided.

"Me and Draymond talked about it."

Smith then asked Durant about Green admitting he refused to apologize until he saw his former teammate hurt.

"Draymond knew he was out of line. As men, we talked about it. Everybody around tried to get us to mend it fast because the season (was going on). He had his process on how he wanted to handle things and I respected that and I have my process and we eventually handled it."

Smith then asked for a definitive answer from Durant on whether that confrontation influenced his decision to sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

"A little bit, yeah, for sure," said Durant. "Your teammate talk to you that way, you think about it a bit."