David Stern expressed his admiration for the current, 3-point heavy state of the NBA, saying it shows how much the players have improved over time.

“I love it. The exploitation of the three-point shot, for example, is incredible to me, because it just demonstrates how skilled our players have become. The three-point line is no longer a challenge. In fact, we have guys that are shooting 40 percent from three feet beyond that line, and it has changed the game and will continue to change the game," Stern told Neil Best of Newsday.

Stern also addressed how sports betting could provide even more growth to the future of the NBA.

“They’ll be able to attract new viewers, which historically you can’t, because they’re not really viewers. But they’re going to count. And it will cause others to stay longer [watching games], which is good for ratings. So, there you go," added Stern.