David Falk is shifting the focus of his attention and doesn't plan to sign another player unless a special one comes to him.

"Our business is very small. We have Danielle Cantor, my only partner in our sports agency and the only woman certified by the NBA Players Association to represent an active player. She’s done a phenomenal job representing Malcolm Brogdon, who’s making $85 million. We have only three to five more clients. We don’t expect to ever sign another rookie. No more veterans. If Anthony Davis called, I’d do it. Or someone special like Zion (Williamson), maybe. But I’m not looking to sign anyone else. I’m looking to support the players I have. We have Otto Porter in Chicago.

"I’m transitioning to more private venture capital, with about 15 companies from digital marketing to building the world’s best and fastest toaster. Unlike the agent business, they really challenge your brain to come up with solutions."