Kenny Atkinson praised Spencer Dinwiddie's aggressive mentality following the Brooklyn Nets' 117-111 win over the Chicago Bulls.

Dinwiddie scored 20 of his 24 points in the final 9 minutes of the game to help close out the win. 

"He took over,. His drives, how aggressive he was, understanding the mismatch, understanding when to get out up the blitz. He was just fantastic," said Atkinson.

D'Angelo Russell is the only Nets player to have scored 20 points in a 4th quarter prior to Dinwiddie, according to ESPN.

Dinwiddie emphasized that Kyrie Irving was still the leader of the team.

"I'm not Kyrie. He's gonna continue to lead this team and do a great job. I just tried to gauge what needed to be done to win the game. I'm not gonna be Kyrie. Kyrie might win MVP this year."