Kenny Atkinson addressed Kyrie Irving's shoulder injury, saying he didn't think it would have any long-term ramifications.

Irving has missed 3 straight games with a right shoulder impingement.

"I don't think it's a long-term thing, but I wouldn't say we're being overcautious, Atkinson said. "I think he has a situation that's prevented him from playing. And like I said before, this is kind of like a collaborative thing -- we've talked about it, but this is the best course of action. Do I think it's like a long-term thing? Like I said, no. I don't think he could play through it right now, quite honestly ... Like I keep saying, the shoulder's just a sensitive (injury) -- especially for a point guard, right? It's like a quarterback -- the way he shoots it, passing, the whole thing. I think he's working through it right now. And we've got to work through not having him, quite honestly," said Atkinson.

There is no timetable for Irving's return.