Josh Hart called some of his former teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers as well as front office staffers to clear up negative comments he made about the franchise on a podcast.

Hart said he never intended those comments to become public.

Lonzo Ball says, "Lithuania was very depressing. I went there to go visit [my brothers]; I wouldn't do it again. ... It's like hella gloomy, nobody smiles, it's like everybody just hates that they're there. I'm like 'Damn.' I had to get out of there, bro."

Hart then jokes, "Sounds like L.A. ... No, I'm not talking about the city."

Ball responds, "I don't know what he's talking about. ... Next question. Cut that part out."

At that point the producer says, "We're gonna edit this part out, so you might as well just tell us."

Hart laughs and says, "I was going to say the Lakers organization."

The Pelicans will host the Lakers on Wednesday.

"When my sarcasm, that wasn't supposed to be in that -- it was supposed to be cut -- was in there, I called some of the people in the [Lakers] front office, I called some of my teammates that I had and made sure they knew that none of this stuff was about you guys," Hart told ESPN on Sunday night.

"I loved my time here. I loved my time here and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I love Laker Nation. They show so much love, so much support."