Marcus Smart said held no ill will against Kyrie Irving, and was tired of the narratives surrounding Irving and the Boston Celtics. The two players embraced following the Nets' 112-107 win over the Celtics in Brooklyn.

"I mean, there is no hard feelings. I didn't hug Kyrie to get on TV. ... That's my brother, regardless of what he did," said Smart.

Smart added that it was disrespectful to his teammates to continue talking about Irving.

"Quite frankly, I'm really, honestly, tired of hearing about Kyrie. Kyrie is no longer with the Boston Celtics, and it's a slap across the face of everybody on this team that's here now to keep hearing Kyrie's name, because every one of these guys have put in the work and we continue to put in the work," he added.

Jayson Tatum echoed Smart's statement that people needed to move on.

"I mean, it's nothing to really talk about, you know? I know there's been some stuff between the fans and him. Hopefully that can be over. We need to just move past it at this point. It's over. He's here in Brooklyn, and I'm here now in Boston."