Larry Tanenbaum said he is not worried about another team trying to sign Masai Ujiri away from the Toronto Raptors.

Ujiri's contract expires following the 20-21 season.

The New York Knicks are believed to have interest in Ujiri.

“We hope so,” Tanenbaum said earlier this week. “We haven’t talked (about an extension) at this point in time, but if you ask him, his intentions are pretty clear.”

Tanenbaum was asked why a contract extension hasn't been offered.

“Masai has a contract that goes for another two years — this season and next season — so there’s really no need at this point (to re-sign him),” he said.

Tanenbaum understands why rival teams have interest in Ujiri.

“He is the best,” said Tanenbaum. “But no team can come to talk to him. That’s tampering. And every owner knows that. Masai is here to stay.”