Kawhi Leonard and Paul George became the first teammates in Los Angeles Clippers history to each score 40 points in the same game during their 124-117 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

George finished with 46 points, while Leonard added 42 points.

Leonard said that he and George were still trying to develop their chemistry on the court.

"It's great to have somebody else out there help scoring the ball, making the game easier for myself. We are still trying to build our chemistry out there. We didn't close that third quarter too great. We still got to improve," said Leonard.

The Clippers were without Lou Williams and Patrick Beverly due to injury.

George added that the Clippers success begins with the superstar duo being aggressive.

"I thought overall we did a great job of just playing off one another. Both being aggressive tonight, looking to score and attack and then finding plays to make our teammates better, as well."