Kevin Love spoke to the media at length on Tuesday morning after shootaround to address his recent attitude as he seeks a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"I think just from a human standpoint, I was frustrated and I let my emotions get the best of me on New Year's Eve in Toronto," said Love. "We were down 15-17 points heading into the half and that carried over into the second half where I wasn’t acting like a 31-year-old but a 13-year-old."

Love also alluded to reports of his confrontation with Koby Altman.

"Whatever talk of shootaround the other day, me being pissed off and upset, I mean sure I was, on how giving of a fine was handled and telling me I was fined. I went in there and talked to Koby about it in conversation. You know, came to the arena, Koby and I were great. I gave him a pound right when I came in. There was no altercation, no screaming match. I was actually shocked when guy were telling me about the article and what had come out."

Love talked to Altman and John Beilein before Sunday's game in which he expressed frustration on a play call when he had a mismatch against Chris Paul.

"The only thing to air out was my actions," said Love of the meeting.

“I have to definitely be better with my emotions. Obviously this has been extremely tough, especially with what our record indicates." 

"I would like to, at least from here on out, I don't care if I'm here for five more months or five more weeks, I'm going to try do my best by these guys and by the coaching staff. That's on me."

Love was then asked if he regrets signing the extension and he said not at all.