The Memphis Grizzlies continue to believe they will trade Andre Iguodala by the trade deadline.

"The word on the street is that they really do believe that they're going to find a trade for Iguodala," said Brian Windhorst.

"They're adamant about that," said Tim MacMahon.

"Well, they've been adamant about it for months, but now that we're in the zone where they're actually having real talks.. Again, what I feel in talking to people out there is that they do think that's going to happen."

"Where, Brian?" asked Jackie MacMullan.

"I think Dallas is an option. I don't want to get too far over my skies on it. I know they denied it. I'm hearing different."

Windhorst added he's heard the Grizzlies have had some traction with teams in the Eastern Conference.