The Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to a multiyear contract extension with Rob Pelinka.

The Lakers also promoted Pelinka to the title of vice president of basketball operations and general manager. Pelinka was hired by the Lakers in 2017 on a five-year deal to run the front office beneath Magic Johnson.

The Lakers have acquired LeBron James and Anthony Davis in successive offseasons. 

"I think people should really sing Rob's praises a lot," Kobe Bryant said on Showtime's "All The Smoke" series this week. "Because they were killing him. ... Being able to stay the course. And Rob and I have talked about that stuff. When he and I talk, we don't talk about this move or that move, it's more so him as a friend. It's just saying, 'Rob, you've been there with me. Now it's just you going through it. You know how we handle it, it's you just stay the course.' All this storm is going on and you just stay here -- just do your job, do your job, do your job, do your job.

"But man, I mean what he's done with that team in two years? From the contracts that they once had and were tied up to what they have on this roster now? I mean, they're the biggest team that I've probably ever seen. Their length, speed, old-school big, tough, tough, athleticism. So, they look fantastic."