The New Orleans Pelicans plan on starting Zion Williamson against the San Antonio Spurts on Wednesday.

David Griffin said last week that Williamson will not be on a minutes restriction, but that he will play in short bursts.

Alvin Gentry said he was prepared for the off-court "circus" ahead of Williamson's debut.

"It's going to be a circus and everyone knows that ... It is going to be good to get him out there. I think the big thing for us is we just need to get him out there so all of this goes away and then we can start to figure out rotations and how we are going to play and things we are going to do," said Gentry.

Brandon Ingram added that he expects Pelicans games to sell out with Williamson back healthy.

"It's going to be sold out. Every single night. When they start to see Zion playing, it's going to be sold out."