Gordon Hayward took to Twitter to clear up a story about his lane violation late in the fourth quarter of Kobe Bryant's final game in 2016. The Lakers beat the Jazz 101-96 to close out the season.

Mike Tirico recalled Hayward intentionally stepping into the lane as Bryant shot his second free throw to potentially score his 60th point, ensuring that Bryant would get another free throw if he had missed.

Hayward said his lane violation was unintentional. 

"It has also come to my attention that there is a story going around tonight about an intentional lane violation that I took to ensure Kobe would get his 60th point in his final game and many are applauding me for the gesture. The fact of the matter is that is not true," tweeted Hayward, who finished with 17 points in the game.

Hayward added that he didn't give Bryant anything for free during the game.

"He got 60 on me and I didn't give him anything free all night. What happened on the free throw line was not intentional. Kobe would have lost respect for me if I gave him something free. That’s what made him so very special!"