Marc Lasry recalled telling Michael Jordan that he wants this season's Milwaukee Bucks to win 70 games and best the Chicago Bulls' 72-10 record.

The conversation took place last week in Paris, where the Bucks beat the Hornets 116-103.

"When I was in Paris, I was talking to Michael about this and I said, 'Well, what do you think? I think we've got a real shot at doing what you guys have done [win 70 games]. This is a really unique team.' And he goes, 'Look, my advice to you is don't focus on beating our record, focus on winning a championship.' And I said, 'Wow, that's great. Thank you for that. Just so you know we're going to focus on beating your record and winning a championship.' I think we should do everything, but that's me," said Lasry of the conversation between him and Jordan.

The Bucks are currently 40-6 on the season. The 1995-96 Bulls went 72-10, while the 2015-16 Warriors beat the record by going 73-9.

Lasry joked that he wished the Bucks won 80 games this season.

"I was hoping we'd get to 80. ... I know everybody's happy at 70, but I was going for 80. When we ended up losing a couple more games, I was like, 'Damn.' But we'll see. I'm the wrong person to talk to because I actually think we're really good, we have all these capabilities, and what's actually unique about our team is how much it's a team."