Damian Lillard released his frustration after officials failed to call a goaltending violation on Rudy Gobert with 11 seconds left in the Portland Trail Blazers' 117-114 loss to the Utah Jazz.

The play in question occurred with the Blazers down 2 and Lillard driving to the lane.

"We get to the last play of the game, and they miss an easy call. And then they tell us that's an easy no-call, like that was obviously not a goaltend. Cost us a f---ing game, man. Cost us a game," said Lillard. 

Crew chief Josh Tiven admitted that officials missed the goaltend.

"We've since looked at it via postgame video review and unfortunately saw that we missed the play, and a goaltending violation should have been called," said Tiven.

Lillard was especially frustrated with the Blazers battling for a playoff spot.

"Three referees out there, and they don't call that. I don't wanna see no report about, 'Oh, we should've called it' or none of that. They cost us the game. We in a playoff race, and they cost us the game on an easy call."