Bill Self has again dismissed rumors that he could leave Kansas to become head coach of the San Antonio Spurs when Gregg Popovich retires.

“Well, yes and no because I don’t hear about it much at all because I know there is absolutely zero truth to it,” Self said when asked about the Spurs' connections. “If I know anybody, I probably know R.C. Buford. He showed me around (during) my recruiting visits to Oklahoma State, he was responsible for getting me up here primarily as a graduate assistant at Kansas, I lived with him for a year, he was in my wedding and I was in his wedding, his son played for me, my son now works for him. I think I know ‘Boof’ pretty well. And I will promise you, this has never been broached one time, never even discussed at all.

“So, people may say whatever because we are buddies, which we are, and proud of that. But I am not going to be the next coach of the San Antonio Spurs, nor would he want me to be. I mean, they got arguably the greatest coach of all time that still has got a lot of gas in the tank. So, that is a rumor I know some people have said, but that is a pretty ridiculous one right there.”