Bob Myers said that the Golden State Warriors completely shut down their facilities due to concerns surrounding COVID-19.

“For a couple days, we were thinking about how we best use our facility. How we best guide our players on their training, their actions, the players who are hurt and rehabbing. But yesterday was the last day we were operational on a low level. That’s now moot. … We’re shut down," said Myers in a conference call with reporters.

Myers said that the shutdown is forcing Klay Thompson to rehab from his ACL injury on his own.

“Privately, by himself. Maybe with one of our trainers individually at his house. Even my own hip surgery recovery, anything you can do without interacting with somebody. … If you don’t have your own gym (in your house), there’s not really anywhere to go," added Myers.

Myers also discussed scouting for the upcoming NBA Draft with the likelihood that there won't be a combine or traditional pre-draft workouts.

The draft is currently still scheduled for June 25th.

“It’ll be unusual. The list of players (the Warriors might take) will be smaller. I suppose that makes it easier, at least for our first-round pick. ... We’ve done a good job of seeing most of these guys. But I think we’re operating incomplete. Every team will be this way. I think it’ll be imperfect. But all of this is highly imperfect. So I don’t think you’ll hear anyone complaining that we didn’t have enough information. We had time."