With such a substantial amount of the NBA's revenues coming from its national television contract, they will certainly remain motivated to have as normal of a playoff schedule as possible.

"When it comes to the timeframe in the league, I know people are talking about July or August, as far as I'm concerned when you get down to it, the last thing the NBA wants to do is cancel the playoffs," said Brian Windhorst on The Hoop Collective Podcast. "They will wait until, in my view, the last possible second to do that. Whether or not they have to play a series of single elimination games, they will not want to do that.

"Everything that we say, we all understand the health of the country is first, let's just assume that and move on from that, for the sake of having a conversation. From my viewpoint, as long as the end of the NBA Finals, the final buzzer is not on the first Sunday of the NFL, if it literally comes the Saturday night before, well that would be college football, but literally comes days before the kickoff of the first NFL weekend, I think the NBA would do it. I think they would go all the way into September.

"Of course they're not going to actually say that right now and nobody knows, but I think they really, really would want to make that happen."

Windhorst also stressed the reality that the NBA has enough time on the calendar to play their games if it safe to do so by July.

"I think they actually got some runway here," said Windhorst. "They've got time. They have more time than I think people realize. They can go into September. And by the way, the NFL season might be delayed. If the NFL season is delayed, the NBA season can go... they may have the NBA Finals in October. I think everything is on the table when it comes to that."