The Japanese B League, which recently resumed play, announced that it will delay its season until April 1st after what was described as a "chaotic weekend" of games.

The league was suspended from mid-February to mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeff Ayres decided to return to the United States after he weary of how the league was handling its return.

"I decided not to practice or play due to concern regarding how the league, and my team specifically, was doing to keep players safe. I felt we were putting ourselves at risk. It was a reckless environment," Ayres told ESPN.

Ayres added that he felt there was outside pressure in restarting the league.

"My team in particular was not taking any of the measures that were recommended, such as taking players' temperatures daily, until it was already too late. The league was pressuring players to play in games due to pressure from sponsors, and my team was being dismissive of our concerns."