New Iona coach Rick Pitino discussed how his time in Europe changed how he viewed the offensive game.

Pitino wants Iona will "play EuroLeague offense with full-court pressure defense."

"The EuroLeague really helped me develop a total different mindset with offenses. It was a great learning experience for me. I think it’s the best form of basketball there is to be played on offense. Defensively, their standards don’t hold up to the way we play it," said Pitino.

Pitino added that he was influenced by the passing and movement in Europe.

"The passing, the cutting. … They play with a 24-second clock, but they’ll move the basketball sometimes six, seven passes in a span of six, seven seconds, to create movement and good shots. It may end up in a pick-and-roll like we do, but they’ll create all that movement because their defensive rules are just like college. They can sit in the three-second lane."