Tim Connelly organized a conference call of eleven of his peers from other teams to share information approximately 72 hours before the NBA closed its practice facilities to players.

Connelly had been communicating individually via telephone and text and decided sharing information in a more streamline way would be better.

"There's an overwhelming sense of fraternity," Connelly told ESPN. "It isn't about competition right now but what's best for the NBA."

Front offices pooled details on team quarantines, player and staff COVID-19 testing, facility protocols and consultations with infectious disease specialists. 

Bob Myers was one of the executives on the call.

"We are seeking answers that no one knows," said Myers. "In a lot of ways, it's simply, 'What's the least worst thing to do?' It's hard to find the best thing, but it isn't stopping us all from trying."

Asked what his message was to players on their way into this hiatus, Myers told ESPN: "Follow the rules. Be a person. Be a civilian. Be a member of the community. Take care of your families. Prioritize that. We will get to basketball later."