Approximately 90 percent of NBA players will have received less than half of their 19-20 salaries by the time April 1st checks go out because they are a 12-month payment plan, according to the estimates of league sources.

There are less than 20 players in the NBA who have negotiated all-you-can get deals that feature the maximum allowable salary advance alongside an accelerated six-month payment schedule.

Nine players who receive more than 90 percent of their 19-20 salaries by April 1st are represented by Klutch Sports, including LeBron James, John Wall, Kentavious-Caldwell Pope, Dejounte Murray, Miles Bridges, Darius Bazley, Darius Garland, Terrance Ferguson and Trey Lyles.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin and Otto Porter are also on similar deals in which they have an accelerated pay schedule.

It is not yet known if players will receive their scheduled April 15th salaries in full.