The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are discussing several financial outcomes should the rest of the regular season be canceled, league sources told Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Up to 25% of the players' remaining salaries could be held in a league escrow if the season ends without any more games.

Players would lose 1% of their salary for every canceled game based on a force majeure provision written into the collective bargaining agreement, which includes pandemics.

Adam Silver and Michele Roberts are discussing how the likely cancellation of scheduled games would impact a percentage of lost salary for players.

If there is no agreement between the two sides on withholding players' salaries, player would receive a full paycheck on April 15th. Players would be required to pay back a portion of that paycheck under current CBA guidelines should games be missed.

The NBA has no current plans to cancel the season. 

If the league were to enact the force majeure provision, it would also give the NBA 60 days to reopen and renegotiate the current CBA.

The NBA has no interest in exercising this option, according to ESPN.