The relationship between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert "doesn’t appear salvageable" due to the fallout from both players testing positive for COVID-19, league sources told The Athletic. 

Mitchell admitted last month that it "took awhile for me to kind of cool off" at Gobert, who was the first player in the NBA to test positive.

The Athletic reports that Jazz officials tried to convince Mitchell that there was no way of knowing whether Gobert gave Mitchell the virus, or vice-versa.

Joe Ingles said he wasn't worried about the chemistry between Mitchell and Gobert.

“I’m confident our team is going to be totally fine. I heard Donovan’s response (on GMA), or whatever it was, to that question, and a part of that is on Donovan and Rudy to sort out if he’s frustrated with him or whatever. But I have no doubt when we go back to training, or when our season starts again, our team is going to be what we have been and what we are."