The Detroit Pistons could use their cap space this offseason to collect assets. The Pistons resolved one of their key anticipated decisions of the 2020 offseason at the trade deadline when they traded Andre Drummond.

"I think what’s going to happen there is going to see how the free agency plays out," said Ed Stefanski. "We’re working on different options that we think we may be able to implement. But until the free agency market opens and what happens, let’s say the ‘A’ players with the higher salaries go off the board, then we’ll be able to see what makes sense and how it all comes together. Do we use that cap space to get a player, too? That’s one option. Do we use that cap space to maybe make a trade somewhere? We could use that. Or do we just save our cap space going into the season to see if we can use it in a trade situation to either get players or to collect assets?"