Mark Jackson said that he would do more to communicate with the general manager and owner should he get an opportunity to coach again.

Jackson has been rumored with the Nets and Knicks coaching positions.

"I was a guy that always was told to stay in your place. So as a coach (with the Warriors), I wasn't trying to get in the business of the general manager or the ownership ... So I think the relationships of general managers and ownership (is something I'd take a different approach with). And I have a great relationship with (Warriors GM) Bob Myers. There's no question about that. Forget about what you heard.

Do me a favor: on the record ask Bob Myers what he thinks of Mark Jackson. On the record, not behind the scenes, ask (Warriors owner) Joe Lacob about the relationship that I had with him. So I wouldn't say better relationships, I would say more dialogue across the board," said Jackson on First Take this week.

Jackson reportedly wanted to add Jeff Van Gundy to the coaching staff when he was with the Warriors.

Jackson also defended himself on the role he had in developing the Warriors' core.

"The fact is we were a top five defense over the course of that tenure and we were a top 10 offense when it was all said and done. You have to understand - and these guys will admit it - the Steph Currys, the Klay Thompsons, the Draymond Greens: the team that I had are not the same individuals (that they were when I coached them). They look the same, and they're the same people, but they're not the same players that they were when I first got ahold of them."