The Dallas Mavericks won't reopen their practice facility until COVID-19 testing becomes widely available.

Mark Cuban explained the logic of his position to The Athletic. 

"I’ll use the White House protocol," said Cuban. "The way the White House protects the president and vice president is the way that I want to protect our players and employees, you know? We’ll just try to just copy what they do as a means of knowing when the time is right. As of now, for all we know, for all we’ve been informed, anyways, they’re testing everybody. And they test their top people on a daily basis. And so they have access to the best science, the best information, and so it just makes sense to me that we just copy them."

Cuban, however, is "absolutely" optimistic testing will be widely available within the next two months.

"I just trust American exceptionalism, entrepreneurialism spirit and capitalism. You know, we’ll figure out a way because we have to."