D'Angelo Russell has not lived in the same city for more than two years since he was a freshman in high school. Russell left Louisville before his sophomore season of high school and has since lived in Montverde, Fla., Columbus, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco and now Minneapolis. 

The Timberwolves had dozens of employees waiting for Russell when he arrived to welcome him at the airport.

“From what I’ve been through previous years to where I come from in childhood, people don’t show their love and support for you like this, at this magnitude (when you first arrive),” Russell told The Athletic. “People don’t do that. For the organization to put something like that together, for me to feel that love and support right away, I was just like, ‘This has to be documented.’ That was the first thing I thought of.”

The Wolves paid a big price to acquire Russell from the Warriors and they believe he can be their co-star to Karl-Anthony Towns.

“I’m like, OK,” he said, “this is where I’m supposed to be.”

“His whole career, you look at it and it feels like he wasn’t wanted, whether he put himself in that position or whatever the situation was,” Towns said in March. “It just never felt like he was wanted, and he could feel it.”