Brett Brown admitted he often thinks about his future with the Philadelphia 76ers, especially if the season didn't resume.

“I mean, you’re human. You think about it all the time. I wouldn’t say you think about it to the point where it weighs you down, but I get it," said Brown about his future with the team if the season was canceled.

Brown said he feels "respectfully cocky" about the work he and his coaching staff have done during the stoppage in play. 

Brown said that his main focus is on the playoffs, adding that the Sixers' length could match up with any opponent.

“All of our attention during the regular season, and when we meet even now on the phone, is ‘what works in the playoffs’? I think if you took a ruler, a measuring stick, and you measured us wingspan to wingspan, we have the tallest team in the NBA. I think that we have opportunity to guard because of that length, and spirit, as well as anybody.”