Larry Nance Jr. has a preexisting condition that will make him more vulnerable to COVID-19 and he's hoping the NBA will consider people like him when they restart games.

Nance has Crohn's disease and uses a therapy that enables him to play basketball but also surpasses his immune system.

"I would hope there would be an understanding [from the league] if someone didn't feel comfortable coming back that'd you get a pass," Nance said. "Just because you may look like the picture of health, some people have issues you can't see."

Nance had recently played against Rudy Gobert before the Utah center tested positive for COVID-19. Nance was "absolutely terrified" following Gobert's positive test. Nance's fears have since been calmed after he learned more about the virus. 

"I'm paying super close attention to everything that is going on," he said. "I was watching the German soccer league over the weekend and seeing how the players were interacting with each other and still seeing them make a lot of contact. I can't even imagine being on one of those calls trying to hash this out. There's so many ways to spread this."