Chris Paul has had direct conversations with Adam Silver more than once per week as the liaison between the commissioner and the players throughout COVID-19.

"Hell, I need to vent at times," Paul said. "I just look at it as guys are actually concerned and they want to know what's going on. They should have a say in their future."

Paul has also been in constant communication with Michele Roberts.

"He's never said, 'Can I get back to you?' Never," Roberts said of Paul, who will often surprise Roberts' staff by jumping on a conference call to offer encouragement and share ideas.

"Being accessible has been a godsend."

While Paul wants all players to have their voice heard, one thing he has been able to do is get his fellow superstars engaged in union issues.

"Our meetings are much more engaged now. That's because of Chris," Roberts said. "He won't allow an issue to be presented and then not discussed."

Paul's ability to share the court as a point guard also translates to letting others weigh in during conference calls.

"I frequently joke about this, he's obviously a point guard and his claim to fame in terms of skill set is his ability to read the room, read the floor and pass the ball," Roberts said. "He does that in meetings too.

"If Chris sees a player who has not said much, he'll ask, 'John, what do you think about this? Come on, weigh in.' That's what he does. It's a delight."