A majority of the NBA teams left out of the league's restart of the regular season have proposed putting on their own mini summer leagues and training camps to continue to develop their young players.

The teams, which include Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Minnesota, and New York, could possibly go nine months in between games. There is concern that young, developing players will struggle as they are separated from their teams for an extended period of time.

Several teams have proposed training camps and organized team activities in lieu of regular season games. 

The Pistons and Cavs are discussing the possibility of having joint practices, as well as a mini-pod of games.

The teams have presented several ideas to the league, including: mandatory and voluntary workouts in July, regional minicamps in August that include joint practices and three televised games, and for their 2020-21 training camps to start 7-10 days earlier than teams competing in Orlando.

The league said it would work with the teams in question to help reach a solution.